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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! So busy!
Just wanted to give a quick update. I will get going on this full force after Christmas. I'm also adding a new tab, because this week I found out I'm a left hand spinner, Which from what I read doesn't mean much. But I think it will be fun to blog about.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Knitting Identity Crisis

I started crocheting in 2002. I'm right handed and therefore hold my yarn in the left hand and my hook in the right. When I started knitting in 2004 I couldn't figure out how to hold my yarn in the right hand and my needle in the left. So I kept my yarn as when I crochet in the left hand and my working in the right. I did not know about Continental knitting at the time. I was teaching myself to knit. Things were going great until 2009. Five years later things started looking weird. I was not part of two knitting groups on line and seeing pictures of other peoples knitting. For one group we made a dish cloth for Valentine's day that said Kiss on it. Mine came out really wrong. i don't have a pic, I just got rid of it, quick. I was lost as to why I was having problems.
I went to a knitting class at a LYS. I wanted to know why my worked looked like everyone else's this time even though I'm left handed. Unfortunately the instructor was no help. She just said it is what it is. Later that year I joined another group. We were making a lace stole. My second piece of lace and I was determined to figure it out. When my work wasn't looking like everyone's I started asking questions and watching vids on youtube. First I learned that I have been yo wrong all this time! I retrained myself to do it right. I then learned that I may be a combination knitter. Great now what? I looked up info on that. First thing I learn is that most self taught knitters, are combination knitters. NOOOO! After a week of struggling with my knitting identity, trying to follow the combination directions and such, I found out, thankfully I am NOT a combination knitter, just a left handed knitter.
What does that mean? Well that's what this blog is all about. I will post basic directions for knitting in general. What changes need to be made to get the same results in the picture, how to read directions and charts. How to do special stitches and do my best to answer your questions.
To the left, to the left.